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Walker for Mayor

Doug Walker for Mayor, High Bridge, NJ

I have been a High Bridge resident for 26 years and throughout those years I have been involved in the management of the Borough.

I hear my fellow Borough residents voice their concerns over the lack of openness of the current leadership and the overall direction of High Bridge; their prompting has encouraged me to seek the office of Mayor.

My experience as the Borough’s Business Administrator, as a Councilperson, and as a member of the Planning Board/Board of Adjustment provides me with a unique, firsthand understanding of the issues and concerns and, more importantly, how to address same.

My love for our Borough and my experiences in High Bridge make me an excellent candidate for Mayor. If elected, I vow to bring about positive change that our residents will embrace. Please join in supporting me for Mayor of High Bridge.

The Leadership High Bridge Borough Needs

Doug and his administration will create value for Borough residents, both in quality of life and in improved property values, while instilling a renewed sense of pride in our community.


A Vision For The Future

A government that works for all our residents

Under my leadership, we will focus on maintaining the fabric of the High Bridge way of life. One of the ways this will be accomplished is through the timely sharing of information while encouraging open and honest dialogue where all views will be welcomed and valued.

A government that builds trust

The current administration has hidden agendas. As mayor, there will be no more withholding information from our Council members or residents. I am fully committed to re-building the trust in our Borough government—a trust that has been lost over the past several years.


Actionable Issues, Measurable Results

The Borough’s infrastructure is in dire need of attention.

We will address these needs by focusing on road repair and improving upon and creating new recreational opportunities, all while protecting the Borough’s environment. We will create a place our residents will recognize with a renewed sense of pride. 

About Doug Walker, Mayoral Candidate

A 26-year resident, I’ll bring 30+ years of combined corporate and municipal experience applying financial planning strategies, project management abilities as well as critical thinking skills to address the current and future concerns and challenges facing our Borough. 

Relevant Experience

  • High Bridge Borough Business Administrator, 2007 – 2013
  • High Bridge Planning Board/Board of Adjustment, 1999 – 2006, 2014 – 2017
  • High Bridge Borough Council, 2004 – 2006
  • Capital Project Manager, 2013 – present
  • Corporate Analyst – Government Markets, IT Provisioning, Collections and Accounts Receivable
  • Real Property Portfolio Account Manager

Mission & Values

Our Mission

To make High Bridge the best place to live, raise our families, and enjoy our retirement as much as possible. 

This will be accomplished by acting with integrity, the result of which will be to bring together our entire High Bridge Family.  

Ready to take the next step and support Doug?

Get Involved

I want your support! Please share with your friends and neighbors that I am a candidate for High Bridge Mayor.

Visit this site regularly as it will be updated with additional details of my plan for how we will move High Bridge forward together. 

For options on how you can get involved, please click on Get Involved.

Mark your calendar to vote November 8, 2022!

Exercise the privilege of voting—let your voice be heard.








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